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This is a fan page for anyone who loves the television shows: NCIS and/or Rizzoli & Isles (: It could have spoilers for either show, or some of my pictures of those shows will be posted. I may not update often, but i will whenever possible. Hope everyone enjoys it! <3
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Jun. 21st, 2011 @ 08:49 am (:
Current Mood: coldcold

Only 20 more days until the Season 2 premiere of Rizzoli & Isles! This makes me very excited because we will have gone without it for 42 weeks. Can you believe that? At least it is almost here and a lot of people are excited for it, including myself (: Sadly, I'm not sure I will get to see it because my mom thought it would be a GREAT idea to go to Minnesota and celebrate my Grandma's birthday. We fet to drive so that adds to the "fun". I don't mind seeing her, but i do mind that it is during my Rizzoli & Isles time. It's also during during White Collar, Covert Affairs, and Pretty Little Liars too. I like those shows as well, but Rizzoli & Isles has a special place in my heart <3 Okay enough of that.

On the upside only 91  days until NCIS comes back! ^^ Yes, I am already counting down. Obsessed? Maybe. Or I'm passionate, yeah we will go with that. Okay, yeah that actually sounds like a long time, but it used to be in the hundreds so the number is going down! Woo!!

Here are a few links to some R&I promos (:

Catwalk Promo:


Speed Dating Promo:


This link will bring you to a site that has 20 promo clips for Season 2, some behind the scenes and some other fun stuff so click it! (:


Also, Season 1 of R&I will be out on DVD on June 28th, so a week from this post. I'm not sure how much it will cost but it will include commentaries behind the scences and more so i think it would be worth the money :D

Mmmkay i think that's about it...Enjoy (:

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Mar. 30th, 2011 @ 03:48 pm NCIS 8x20 Episode Promo and Information
Current Mood: anxiousanxious

Here is the promo for the most anticipated episode yet: "Two-Faced"

Here is the Press Release for the episode:

- Sarah Jane Morris ("Brothers & Sisters") Returns as NCIS Special Agent E.J. Barrett
- Enrique Murciano ("Without A Trace") Guest Stars as Ziva's Boyfriend, Ray Cruz

"Two-Faced" - To Gibbs' displeasure, Special Agent E.J. Barrett (Sarah Jane Morris) returns to lead the investigation of a seaman's death that may be connected to a series of port-related murders. Meanwhile, Ziva finally introduces her boyfriend, Ray (Enrique Murciano), to the team, on NCIS, Tuesday, April 5 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.............Mark Harmon
NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.........Michael Weatherly
Probationary Special Agent Ziva David.............Cote de Pablo
Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard...........David McCallum
Abby Sciuto.........Pauley Perrette
NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee................Sean Murray
NCIS Director Leon Vance................Rocky Carroll

Jimmy Palmer......................Brian Dietzen
NCIS Special Agent E.J. Barrett ...........Sarah Jane Morris

Ray Cruz................Enrique Murciano
Leitner.................Ryan Carnes
Navy Seaman Joey Elson...............Marque Richardson II
Navy Seaman Derek Balfour...........Nicholas James
Bartender................Roy Jackson
Melissa...............Erin Ross

WRITTEN BY: Nicole Mirante-Matthews & Reed Steiner

So this episode has a return of Special Agent EJ Barrett. The first time we see Ray, Ziva's friend, now boyfriend, from Miami. Also, they are beginning the arc for the Port-to-Port Killer, which is a new serial killer. This will be a jam-packed dramatic episode, so be sure to tune in April 5 at 8/7 central on CBS. Cote de Pablo says in an interview (link below for whole interview) Ziva and Ray will have a romantic scene. As a Tiva fan, I certainly hope I can watch it without having to walk away from the television.

Be sure to tune in...Enjoy (:

Link to Cote's interview: http://insidetv.ew.com/2011/03/28/ncis-cote-de-pablo-ziva-boyfriend-ray/

I do not own this information or video.

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Mar. 9th, 2011 @ 08:53 pm Rizzoli & Isles-Angie's Tweet and DVD Release Date (:
Current Mood: happyhappy

Angie Harmon posted on Twitter this morning very happy news:

"Got the #rizzoli&isles season 2 opener script last night!! Got my coffee & reading it now!! I LOVE MY JOB!!!!"

I don't know about you guys, but this totally made my day!!! So very excited for R&I...Also she and Sasha posted last week or so that they would start filming the new season at the end of March!!! Very happy (: And the season 1 DVD of Rizzoli & Isles will be released on June 28, 2011, if you are in America ;) other places i'm not sure.

If you wish to follow them on Twitter:

You can enjoy this picture as well :D

This picture is not mine ^^

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Jan. 11th, 2011 @ 08:37 pm An Amazing Video
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
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Just to make this clear, the link to the NCIS video below isn't mine, I clearly don't have that talent or patience. The link will go directly to the video, and I recommend you subscribe or at least leave a nice comment to that person. It is a greatly emotional video, and is simply great. I hope you enjoy this as much I did :)


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Jan. 11th, 2011 @ 08:16 pm NCIS Preview
Current Mood: irritatedirritated
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New 20 second NCIS preview...Enjoy (:

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Dec. 30th, 2010 @ 08:36 pm NCIS
Current Mood: coldcold
Current Music: Airplanes - B.o.B
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Here is a 20 second preview for NCIS episode 8x11 "Ships in the Night". I believe it is going to air on Jan 11, 2011. Enjoy!

The 30 second preview should be up next week some time.
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Dec. 18th, 2010 @ 04:56 pm Twitter and Rizzoli & Isles DVDs
Current Mood: blahblah
Current Music: The Harold Song-Ke$ha
I realize i haven't updated in awhile, but i should make sure everyone follows Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander on twitter. Follow :
@Angie_Harmon and @SashaAlexander1
Show them some love!

Also, for the NCIS cast you can follow:
@LaurenHolly and
Also, of course, show them some love too!

I will try to put in a bigger effort to update more frequently. (: I promise!

Also, Angie Harmon said that she jut finished Rizzoli & Isles video comentary for season 1 so hopefully that will be out early next early next year since the Season 1 DVD is really happening!
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Nov. 3rd, 2010 @ 04:11 pm 8x07 20 Second Promo
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Here y'all go (: Remember this is not mine^^
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Nov. 2nd, 2010 @ 08:20 pm Tv Guide Interview
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Here is a TV Guide cover and another pic from the photoshoot, also an interview.

Pauley Perrette's lab rate Abby has been let loose in the NCIS squad room. In a scene she's shooting for a big two-part episode airing November 16 and 23, she's trying to play pin the tail on the bomber. Pointing to a video of a suspect playing on a computer screen, she blurts out to Sean Murray's McGee, "He just confessed he knew how to make the murder weapon! I mean, how many people know how to make a homemade Claymore mine?"

"In this room?" asks McGee. A couple of visiting Israeli agents raise their hands. So does Cote de Pablo, as NCIS team member Ziva David. Then, sheepishly, so does Abby herself. "OK, fine," she mutters, reluctantly withdrawing her point.

Perrette and de Pablo may be easy on the eyes, but they can be hard-asses, too. In a medium where many actresses are still relegated to subordinate roles, you'll find no such complaints about NCIS. Ziva is the team's deadliest member, and Abby is smarter than all of her counterparts. They're not just action-show glamazons, either, but arguably the two most eccentric characters on an already deeply quirky series. The men on the show are cleverly perfected variations on the strong and silent type, the tech whiz or the wisecracking boy-next-door. Meanwhile, you'd have to venture a lot farther than next door to find a crack Israeli assassin who looks stunning in Gucci, or a genius-level forensic scientist with a spider-web tattoo and pigtails.

Together, they're a veritable Claymore mine of female stock-character demolition. "There aren't a lot of roles like this around for women, and we have two of them," crows Mark Harmon, who stars as squad leader Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Abby is not just the brainiac of the show, but also its sweetest, most open-hearted character. Still, Harmon says, "Abby's plenty tough. And Cote's a dancer and a kickboxer, for real. She moves well, so she can put an instep on your chin and look beautiful doing it."

This month, the women of NCIS are stepping it up. Ziva plays a prominent part in the next three episodes. On November 9, she goes undercover with Robert Wagner, who returns to charm her as Tony DiNozzo's slightly shady dad. Then, her own extremely estranged Mossad-chief father (Michael Nouri) resurfaces for the two-parter. These Ziva showcases follow on the heels of an Abby-centric episode, "Cracked," which Perrette describes as the hardest script she's had in the show's eight-season history, just for the sheer number of monologues.

And expository monologues are Abby's stock-in-trade. As Perrette says, "It's usually 'Whadda ya got, Abbs?' and then I talk for a page. And then 'Where?' and I talk for a page. 'How?' and I talk for a page. And then 'Thanks, Abbs!'"

Even though Abby's role in a typical episode consists of just a couple of jargon-heavy scenes down in the lab, she may be the most beloved character on TV's No. 1 scripted series. That theory was borne out when the Q favorability ratings released earlier this year revealed a three-way tie for the most liked celebrity in America, between Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman and Perrette — the only woman to even make the Top 10.

How did she become America's sweetheart with such relatively limited exposure? "We are often told, 'Leave the audience wanting more,' and we definitely do that with Abby," says exec producer Shane Brennan. "If you ask the audience to start remembering classic scenes, a lot of them are Abby moments — and because she's not on the screen as often, we go out of our way as writers to create those wonderful moments."

They're not always in the script. If there's not a lot of quirky character stuff on the page, "Mark and I can create something — just a look between the characters, or some funny physical thing," says Perrette. "My job is to take all these long lines and not only memorize and spit them out, but do it 100 times faster, because she's a caffeine addict. And make it funny. Michael Weatherly [Tony] and I pinky-shook, when the show was starting, that we'd make every episode as funny as possible. That's what's so fun, figuring out how to get the comedy into the drama."

A dedicated social activist who finally overcame her Twitter aversion to promote her favorite charities, Perrette is involved with about 30 causes off screen, from homeless shelters to gay rights to animal rescue. The last may be the most apt, because Perrette's role model and acting coach is...her dog, Cece.

"I actually play my rat terrier-Chihuahua mix on the show," she reveals. "I have played her since Day 1. I don't stand like Abby. I'm very slouchy. Everything Abby does is based on my dog — the way she cocks her head, the way she interacts when she's confused or excited. And her ears are Abby's ponytails."

But the character's puppyish displays of affection? That's Perrette, not the pooch: "Abby hugging everybody — it's because my family's from Alabama, where we hug everybody," she says. Abby is "the big heart of the show. She's sensitive and loves people and cries and misses them and gets her feelings hurt. There's a big Abby heart on her sleeve — probably both sleeves, plus her chest, her jacket, her backpack...."


This doesn't belong to me at all ^^

P.S Pauley and Cote look gorgeous and Mark is too handsome (: You have to love them <3
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Nov. 2nd, 2010 @ 08:11 pm (no subject)
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I cannot wait for the 3 NCIS episodes in November, 1) because my birthday is this month and 2) they should all have a pretty good amount of Tiva in all of them. Get ready for all of them in the following three Tuesdays (:

Also, in the re-run of NCIS tonight, at the end they showed a preview of the next new one, and it guest stars the amazingly talented Robert Wagner! ***Spoilers*** Ziva and Tony's father (Wagner) go undercover and in the preview he has his hand on Ziva's butt...Should be interesting haha. Also, hopefully there will be a jealous Tony in our future.Haha :D

After I can find the preview I will post it (:

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